Maison du Luxembourg




Creme brûlee with duck liver favour, celery and beet, french toast 17€
Poached farming egg, stuffed artishoke with mushrooms, smoked eel, lobster sauce 16€
Cassolette of bouchot mussels and octopus, parsley cream with garlic 13€
Veal carpaccio, half cooked tuna fllet, mayonaise with parmesan cheese, anchovy, capers 16€
Smoked beef carpaccio, lobster medallion and mayonaise with sweet chilli peper 22€

Main courses

Lambsmedaillion with crust of fresh herbs and parmesan cheese, crusty brick stuffed with zucchinis and basil 32€
Seabass fllet, caponata, rucola emulsion, mashed eggplant with basil 34€
Duck breast, chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, Comte cheese crocket with truffel, gravy with cranberries and ginger 24€
Brillfsh fllet, risotto with cepes and butternut, beurre blanc sauce with chives 34€
Beef tenderloin, tempura of vegetables, potatoes with bacon, gravy with summer savoury 34€


Puffed ice cream with Baileys flavour, orange coulis with fresh mint 10€
Zabaglione with red fruits and “L'eau de Villée”, mojito sorbet 10€
Chocolate mousse, raspberries, pistachios crumble, milk almond ice cream 10€
Roasted Fig, creamy chocolate, yogurt sorbet 10€
The selection of refined cheeses 12€