Maison du Luxembourg




Roasted seascallops, spinach, mashed parsnip 18€
Norwegian lobster tartar, mayonaise with avocado and fresh mint favour 17€
Poached farming egg, smoked eel, Jerusalem artishoke, muslin sauce 16€
Cassolette of shellfsh with light curry and coconut favour, celery and saltwort 15€
Half cooked duck liver, chutney of quince, appel en ginger 19€

Main courses

Deer fllet with wild mushrooms, corn fan, mashed chestnut, gravy with cardamom 32€
Turbot with shallots, chantarelles, Jerusalem artishoke, rat potatoes in their skin 38€
Dover sole, butternut, chicory, leaks, beurre blanc sauce D.P.
Filet de lièvre à la moutarde à l'ancienne, salsifs, coing, airelles conftes 34€
Filet pur de boeuf, carottes, betterave, pickels d'oignons rouges, boudin noir 34€


Crusty banana cake, chocolate sorbet 10€
French toast with appels, Granny smith sorbet 10€
Gratin of pineapple, Ibiscus flower sorbet 10€
Cottage cheese mouss with citrus fruit, crusty thin biscuit 10€
The selection of refined cheeses 12€